Play Hashi Bridges Free

What is Hashi (Hashiwokakero) Bridges?

Hashi Bridges is a mentally challenging and addictive logic puzzle game. Known in Japan as Hashiwokakero by Nikoli (known for sudoku). Connect islands by bridges using skill and logic. It's not as simple as it sounds!

This is a fantastic and addictive game with one simple objective that will challenge all of your logic and puzzle solving skills to the limit!

This game offers 4 levels of difficulty, which means that game play is suitable for children or adults - well, anyone who loves a puzzle!

We have designed some colourful schemes, to suit your style or mood - plus there are more available to download from the android market, including a gorgeous pink scheme called Marshmallow and a splendid Steampunk scheme.

Keeping your brain active can be beneficial and it has been well documented that brain training and other brain activities can actually improve memory, puzzle solving abilities and aid in concentration. So why not give your brain a fun workout?